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Figure Skating - Training

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Everything you didn’t need to know about figure skating

The action in Beijing continues for another week and this Sunday is a monster day for sport.

James Parrack12/02/2022 12:15

the Olympics was extra special

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Boxing-Price fightback gives Britain another gold shot

Reigning world champion Lauren Price of Britain made a thrilling last-round comeback to reach the Olympic women's middleweight final.

Reuters06/08/2021 10:06

the Olympics was extra special

The Olympics was extra special

the Olympics was extra special.

NIC BOTHMA 06/08/2021

Swimming - Men's 4 x 200m Freestyle Relay - Medal Ceremony

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Inside Sport: A Day In The Life Of The Tokyo Commentator

Eurosport comentator James Parrack on the most successful British swimming team in history.

James Parrack02/08/2021 12:40

This is my sixth Olympics

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Inside Sport: The Silent Olympics

"The IOC are hoping that now the action is underway and the medals start rolling in, the mood in Japan and around the world will lift."

James Parrack26/07/2021 10:37

Tokyo 2020 games amid COVID-19 pandemic

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Inside Sport: Some things remain the same

What will the next few weeks hold for the Britons at the olympic games? Eurosport commentator James Parrack will be there.

James Parrack19/07/2021 10:54

France and Sweden are currently training in Mallorca

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Inside Sport: First One Back is European Champion

Clash of the titans, two adversaries train in Mallorca for the next Olympic Games. The opinion of former Olympic swimmer James Parrack.

James Parrack14/06/2021 11:21

World Champion Pernille Svarre in Colonia Sant Jordi

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Inside Sport: The sporting Life of Pernille Svarre

Meet Pernille Svarre, a pentathlete who never gave up in the face of adversity and went on to win the world championships.

James Parrack09/05/2021 12:38

Rebecca Adlington came to train in Majorca before Beijing 2008


Inside Sport: Sport Is About Playing The Long Game

What is sport all about? The viewpoint of former Olympic swimmer and Eurosport commentator James Parrack.

James Parrack24/04/2021 12:48

Winning bartenders.

Food and drink

Balearic bartenders proclaimed best in Spain

Another set of titles has just been won by bar managers at Ginbo and Chapeau in Palma.

Humphrey Carter30/09/2017 00:00