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Menorca Airport


Between the short and the long-term

Germany has acquired additional vaccine and so has stepped outside the EU mechanism for vaccine supply. Can’t Spain do the same?

Andrew Ede05/01/2021 13:00

Sa Pobla lockdown


Mobility, lockdowns and tardiness

The health authorities maintained that there was no need for a perimeter lockdown of Sa Pobla in the style of Manacor.

Andrew Ede15/12/2020 13:53


Food and wine

Why Guinness was so very good for me

Guinness is a dark Irish dry stout that originated in the brewery of Arthur Guinness at St. James’s Gate, Dublin, Ireland, in 1759.

Andrew Valente17/09/2020 15:33

Maria de la Salut.

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X Maria virgine, gaudete!

The saga of the potential Maria de la Salut no-confidence vote has attracted a good deal of attention in the local media.

Andrew Ede10/09/2020 15:03

Reyes maroto

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Whatever happened to the resilience?

The situation is currently “disastrous”, but “we all agree that next year there will be a rebound effect, if confidence recovers”.

Andrew Ede09/09/2020 14:50

MAHON. OCIO. La Policía interviene para disolver un gran botellón en el puerto. La juerga sigue.

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What if you never come down?

In Majorca, the so-called botellón is a rough equivalent to a rave.

Andrew Ede04/09/2020 15:39


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The stories behind a name

Joan Carles I or Juan Carlos I is the name of a square that doesn’t require an app that will reveal knowledge about an obscure personality from the past.

Andrew Ede30/07/2020 15:08