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Mallorcan soup dishes

Food and drink

We're well into the soup season

Andrew Valente tells us the rules for making an authentic Mallorcan-style ‘sofritos’ to add to your soups and stews.

Andrew Valente14/02/2023 10:44


Food and drink

Tumbet: a laid-back dish for the summer

Tumbet is usually eaten as a starter nowadays, but at the height of summer when it is really hot, it makes a nice mains for lunch.

Andrew Valente01/08/2022 11:46

Santi Taura - Chef at a la carte restaurant DINS El Llorenç

Santi Taura

A strong commitment to Mallorca’s historic gastronomy

Santi Taura has kicked off the second edition of Cooks and Kitchens with soul with a tasting menu.

M.À. Adrover20/11/2021 10:22

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Which is your favourite Mallorcan dish?

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The Spanish paella


The pleasures of Spanish cooking

One comes across variations on certain themes, but food in Spain, remains amazingly true to its geographical origins.

Andrew Valente13/02/2021 10:22