Etiqueta 'Traditional Mallorcan food'
Sunday roast beef


Comment: Local food

“I think the local authorities could do more to encourage tourists to eat local...”

Jason Moore12/04/2022 09:15

Santi Taura - Chef at a la carte restaurant DINS El Llorenç

Santi Taura

A strong commitment to Mallorca’s historic gastronomy

Santi Taura has kicked off the second edition of Cooks and Kitchens with soul with a tasting menu.

M.À. Adrover20/11/2021 10:22

The Spanish paella


The pleasures of Spanish cooking

One comes across variations on certain themes, but food in Spain, remains amazingly true to its geographical origins.

Andrew Valente13/02/2021 10:22

Last year's winner of the Pa amb Oli championships


Get stuck in to some of the World's best Pa amb Oli

A good pa amb oli cannot be made without the two essential ingredients of bread and oil but look at last year’s winner.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter31/01/2020 12:16

Pa amb oli

Food & Wine

Pa amb oli and Llonguets: original Majorcan fast food

Spaniards, like many other people, tend to think that fast food is synonymous with junk food. It is not and never has been.

Andrew Valente04/11/2019 01:00