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German tourists in Mallorca


Then we take Berlin ...

Something else that Mallorca knows, and quite obviously, is that that this market stays put once it’s on holiday - stays put in Mallorca, that is

Andrew Ede13/03/2023 16:25

The Majorca Daily Bulletin is helping to promote Majorca at the World Travel Market.


Early rush for Balearic holidays in the UK

Early holiday bookings to the Balearics for summer 2017 have risen by eight per cent, easing fears over the weakness of the pound and Brexit.

Jason Moore05/11/2016 00:00

The Brits have been occupying much of the beach. But what will Brexit mean?


Britons took over Majorca in August

The British won the Balearic tourism battle with the Germans in August but only just.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter30/09/2016 00:00

Minorca. It might not get the volume of tourists that Majorca does, but it's a destination likely to prove popular this summer.


UK rush to Spain could push prices up

Spanish holiday sales in the UK for the first week in January showed that demand is continuing to rise, but there may be a downside.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter16/01/2016 00:00


Majorca and a strong pound

"If sterling is strong then Majorca will continue to prosper..."

Jason Moore29/08/2015 00:00