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Gardening in Majorca

Preparing our gardens for winter

Whilst still on the balcony lets make sure there are some ornamental plants that will survive the winter.

Dorothy Loeffler02/11/2020 10:16


Gardening Tips

Gardening In Majorca

The winter vegetable garden can be planted up now, carrots, beetroots, celery, leeks turnips and radishese are a few.

Dorothy Loeffler20/07/2020 15:26

Hydrangeas are known as Hortensias in Spanish.


Gardening In Majorca

The truth of the matter lies in the composition of the soil so to make a Hydrangea happy we must provide it with all it wants and that means starting from the bottom or simply put, the soil it prefers.

Dorothy Loeffler25/05/2020 13:02

Taking care of your garden in the summer


Gardening in Majorca

Trees and shrubs are far less demanding on water, once established their root systems will have grown down in search of water to the point where the soil does not bake dry from the heat of the sun every day.

Dorothy Loeffler23/07/2019 10:17