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Inheritance and gift tax

Inheritance and gift tax

The amendment of the legislation completely eliminates inheritance and gift tax for inheritances between parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren and spouses.

FREEPIK 06/12/2023

Inheritance and gift tax


Spanish succession tax in the Balearics

SSGT applies to inheritances and lifetime gifts. It is due when the beneficiary is resident in Spain, or the asset being gifted or inherited is a Spanish asset.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks06/12/2023 10:06

Once you are resident in Spain, most UK pension income is only taxed here


Taking your UK pension in Spain Tax and advisory issues to be aware of

A 2021 ruling determines that unless a pension is a Spanish or EU contract, transfers from ‘third country’ pension schemes to EEA pension schemes are subject to personal income tax on the whole fund value, up to 49.5% in the Balearics.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks14/11/2023 13:15

Farming in Spain

Farming in Spain

We are 100 percent sufficient for food and drink.

Paul Richardson 09/10/2023

Waiting at the Post Office

Waiting at the Post Office

What about our Spanish friends - do they always expect to wait 8 minutes 23 seconds to buy a stamp at their local post-office, or was it just me?

EFE 02/10/2023

Digital nomads includes Mallorca as a favourite destination


Spain ranks among the top 20 European countries for digital nomads

If you’re an avid coffee drinker, Spain is the 11th cheapest place to purchase a coffee, costing only 1.90 euro

MDB Digial02/10/2023 09:51

Financial advisor in Spain


The first step on your financial journey in Spain – choosing your adviser

Your UK adviser is unlikely to know the ins and out of local regulations in the Balearics (which vary from elsewhere in Spain) or keep on top of reforms.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks18/09/2023 12:30

The UK has endured persistently high inflation


Inflation update and planning ahead to protect our savings

It has been two years now since inflation began to climb and we were soon noticing the higher cost of living. Prices peaked last autumn and the situation is improving now.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks18/08/2023 14:07

The UK has endured persistently high inflation

The UK has endured persistently high inflation

The UK has endured persistently high inflation.

EFE 18/08/2023

UK inheritance tax

UK inheritance tax

The standard inheritance tax nil rate band has been frozen at £325,000 since 2009.

EFE 07/08/2023

Sardinero beach in Santander

Sardinero beach in Santander

Sardinero beach in Santander, in the north of Spain.

EFE 27/07/2023

Five hundred euro notes


Strategic financial planning for Spain

Every family is different. Your strategic financial planning must be carefully designed for you.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks24/07/2023 16:32

Driving in Mallorca


Britons lost in Mallorca

One thing is promoting British business in Spain, but I thought the Foreign and Commonwealth Office also looked after Britons living in Spain.

Humphrey Carter21/07/2023 12:34

You can only spend up to 90 days in any rolling 180-day period without a visa

You can only spend up to 90 days in any rolling 180-day period without a visa

You can only spend up to 90 days in any rolling 180-day period without a visa.

Archives 08/06/2023

You can only spend up to 90 days in any rolling 180-day period without a visa


Spain’s Non-Lucrative Visa

Spain continues to welcome UK citizens to their communities, but it is under different rules and the process is more bureaucratic and complex.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks08/06/2023 15:34

A pensioner strolling along the beach


Looking after your financial wellbeing

Your portfolio needs to be designed around your circumstances, needs, objectives and risk profile – too many people have investments that aren’t suitable and too risky for them.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks26/05/2023 13:09

Digital Nomad Visa


Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa and tax benefits

The new Digital Nomad Visa enables UK and other non-EU nationals to live and work remotely in Spain, plus provides tax advantages.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks12/05/2023 11:52

Compensation is per depositor, so couples with joint accounts have €200,000 protected


How are your savings protected?

Banks in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man are not covered by the UK and their local guarantee schemes offer lower levels of protection – £50,000 per individual.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks14/04/2023 11:52