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Puerto de Palma


Boat life in Mallorca

“I just wish I could take a boat and go out on the sea and breath some fresh air long way from the city and the crowd”

Jessika Ekman27/02/2021 12:54

Beautiful sunset in Mallorca from Sa Foradada


We still have our 300 days of sunshine a year

“Jessika what is going on with the restrictions in Mallorca? Can we book and come to see you now?”

Jessika Ekman21/02/2021 10:00

Aftermath of storm in Llucmajor


When you think things cannot get worse, the hurricane hits

"The road looked like a river and for one long second the bus actually lifted from the road, due to the water masses. My fantastic driver just looked at me and said, “no worries I’m also a boat captain.”

Jessika Ekman01/02/2021 12:13