Playa Peregons Grans, Campos. | M. Cladera

A fine and sunny Friday, UV rating 10. Yellow alert for rough coastal conditions in the north of the island until 9am Friday.

Heat wave watch - Aemet may have said that they are not expecting a heat wave in Mallorca, and technically there may not be. However, the forecast at present is for rising temperatures and some pretty high ones next week - 38 in areas on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On the mainland, there are amber alerts for parts of Andalusia and Extremadura on Friday and Saturday - highs of 40C.

Forecast for Friday -

Alcudia 26C, gentle northerly easing to light easterly.

Andratx 27C, gentle northwest breeze easing to light east.

Palma 29C, gentle south breeze.

Pollensa 29C, gentle northwesterly; calm in the afternoon.

Sant Llorenç 29C, gentle north breeze in the morning easing to light southeast.

Santanyi 28C, gentle northerly in the morning; westerly in the afternoon.

Soller 29C, light northwest breeze; calm in the afternoon.

Highs on Thursday - Palma University 29.8 at 3.20pm; Llucmajor 29.1 at 1.50pm; Binissalem 28.5 at 3.10pm.