Soller coast in autumn. | Rachel Fox

And on the excellent weather goes - some cloud, mostly high, and possible morning mist, but otherwise very sunny. The main difference on Thursday to recent days is that it will be breezier. Meanwhile, the latest high to be forecast is 34C in Pollensa on Sunday.

There is storm activity on the mainland, but there's no indication that it's heading Mallorca's way.

Forecasts for Thursday (UV rating 4; daytime humidity ranging from 45-70%):

Alcudia 28C, gentle south-southeast breezes.

Andratx 29C, moderate east breeze easing to gentle.

Deya 29C, moderate south-southeast breezes.

Palma 29C, light to gentle east breezes.

Pollensa 30C, moderate southeast breeze easing to gentle south.

Sant Llorenç 27C, moderate southeast breeze easing to gentle.

Santanyi 27C, fresh southeast breeze easing to moderate.

A high on Wednesday of 29.9 (Pollensa).