Almond trees are blossoming; they 'think' spring is coming. This photo was taken in Ibiza. | @RTVEBalears

We have a yellow alert on Friday - it's not rain or thunderstorms but for fog. This alert applies to the east of Mallorca from 2am to 10am on Friday. The sun will struggle to come out in the east during the morning, and this may also be the case for parts of the north of the island.

Otherwise, another fine day, with highs of 28 and 29C. Over the weekend, much the same. Into next week, a high of 29C is currently forecast for Monday. The weather stations aren't now forecasting the heavy cloud that they were for Tuesday, but there are some hints of possible rain on Tuesday and more so on Wednesday.

Balearic Webcams (

Forecasts for Friday (UV rating 4; daytime humidity ranging from 40-70%):

Alcudia 26C, light east breeze easing to calm.

Andratx 27C, light southwest breeze easing to calm.

Deya 27C, light northwest breeze in the morning; light from the southeast in the afternoon.

Palma 28C, light east breeze.

Pollensa 27C, light easterly veering southeasterly.

Sant Llorenç 27C, light east breeze.

Santanyi 26C, light breeze from the east in the morning; northeast in the afternoon.

Highs on Thursday - 31.0 (Binissalem), 30.4 (Llucmajor), 30.2 (Sineu).