Colònia de Sant Jordi, Mallorca. | Humphrey Carter

These are today's minimum temperatures registered this morning by the Met Office.

June kicks off partly sunny, partly cloudy and windy in Palma with a high of 28 degrees, heavy rain and thunderstorms this evening and an overnight temperature of 15.

Calvia is mostly sunny with light-moderate winds and a high of 27 degrees, but stormy weather later in the day will drive the temperature down to 14.

Strong winds and black clouds are battering Santanyi this morning but there will be a few rays of sunshine, before the hunder and lightning arrives and the high of 25 falls to 15 degrees.

Alcudia is 26 and overcast with sunny intervals this afternoon, heavy rain and thunderstorms this evening and a low of 16.

The sun’s out in Deya and it’s 26 degrees, but it will be stormy this evening with a low of 15.

Check below the forecast for the next few days.