Summer weather typically starts to get a bit unsettled from mid-August. | Javier Furones

Astronomical summer will start in the Balearics at 5.32am on June 21. Aemet is forecasting that the average temperature is likely to be above the historical average of 24.2C. The highest temperatures will be between mid-July and mid-August and associated with heat waves provoked by African air.

The met agency anticipates rainfall to be around average - 86 litres per square metre. From mid-August, there will be increasing likelihood of unsettled conditions and therefore storms.

Spring in the Balearics, says Aemet, has seen an average temperature of 14.6C - a normal temperature - and average rainfall ten points higher than usual at 128.4 litres per square metre. Mallorca's average has been 14.5C. Formentera, with 17C, has had the highest.

The lowest spring temperature has been -2.8C at the Escorca Son Torrella weather station. This was on April 8. April has been the coldest month, with an average of 13.9C, which was 0.4 degrees below normal. The highest temperature in May was 33.5C at the Petra weather station. So far in June, the highest has been 36.7C at the university weather station in Palma.

In terms of rainfall, Formentera has been the wettest, with 196 litres per square metre, 218% above normal. In Mallorca, the rainfall has been three per cent above normal - 128 litres. The heaviest rain has been at the Son Torrella station (69.2 litres on April 20).

Aemet adds that there have been five days of snowfall this spring - more than normal. June has, up to now, been quite wet, with an average of 19 litres per square metre, six more than usual.