Northern Mallorca. | Xesca Serra

There will be a drop in temperature in Mallorca over the coming days with occasional light rain and mud showers in some places.

The mercury hovered around 36º-37º in northern areas of Mallorca on Tuesday, but will drop by 7º-8º on Wednesday to around 29º-30º, according to Aemet Deputy spokesperson, Miquel Gili.

In the rest of the Island the maximum daytime temperature will be 32º compared to the usual 29º at this time of the year.

From late Wednesday afternoon until Thursday morning there will be occasional light rain in Mallorca and mud showers.

Temperatures will hover around 32º on Thursday, 33º on Friday, then rise significantly at the weekend, with highs of at least 37º on Sunday, because of a mass of warm air from African.

Heat wave?

Gill says it’s too early to say whether the scorching weather will last the three days required to qualify as a heat wave, at the moment it looks like it'll cool off a little by Monday.