Cooler for much of the coming week. | Laura Becerra

Relief from the suffocating weather is close. Fresh northerly air will move in on Monday and lower temperatures in northern areas of Mallorca by ten degrees or more - a high of 41C is again forecast for the north and interior on Sunday.

The south of the island won't feel the benefit of the cooling northerly breezes until Tuesday. A high of 35C is still expected on Monday, but there are no alerts for high temperatures in Mallorca on Monday.

The outlook for the week is for temperatures to rise again - highs of 36C for the north and 33C for the south are currently forecast for Saturday.

On the mainland, Aemet has red alerts in place for Sunday for parts of Andalusia, Castile-La Mancha, Madrid, Murcia and Valencia. In the Cordoba province of Andalusia, which holds the record for the highest temperature ever registered in Spain (47.3C in July 2017), a high of 47C has been forecast for Sunday. Storms are expected in Aragon and Valencia; Aemet is not forecasting any for the Balearics.

There are orange alerts for Monday, although mainland highs could be up to 44C.