December Bank Holiday Weather Forecast | Twitter: @AEMET_Baleares

The weather forecast for the Constitution Day bank holiday on December 6 is a bit mixed, according to the State Meteorological Agency.

“There will be a strong westerly winds and rough seas from this Saturday until next Wednesday and rain from Monday until Wednesday,” says Aemet Spokesperson, María José Guerrero.

The maximum temperature will be 17º-18º on Saturday and 14º-15º the rest of the time. Overnight the temperature will hover around 10º-12º, but Guerrero points out that the bank holiday is a week away, so the weather forecast could change before then.

Today it’s partly sunny, partly cloudy and very windy, with scattered showers in some areas of Mallorca, a high of 18º and a low of 11º.

On Thursday, a High Level Isolated Depression or DANA will bring another cold front to Mallorca, with heavy rain, thunderstorms, hailstorms, snowfall above 900 metres and strong north-northwesterly winds. Expect highs of 13º-15º during the day and 4º-8º overnight.

On Friday, there will be more heavy rain, thunderstorms, hailstorms and snowfall above 800 metres. It will be overcast all day long with daytime highs of 12º-15º and lows of 4º-8º with strong northerly and northwesterly winds.