Possible scene this Christmas. | Pilar Pellicer

According to the forecast from Meteored in Spain, Christmas will be colder than normal, with temperatures between one and three degrees below normal for the time of year. Most of Spain is expected to be quite dry, but rainfall in the east of the country and in the Balearics is forecast to be higher than normal.

Meteored meteorologist Samuel Biener says that the expectation is for a North Sea anticyclone and an easterly wind to dominate the Christmas weather. Such a scenario points to a colder Christmas than usual. Average temperatures for the time of the year are anticipated only for the western half of Andalusia and Extremadura. Biener adds that he is confident that more normal conditions will prevail at the start of the New Year.

As to snow, he explains that normally there is snow only in the northern half of the country and in mountain areas. Nevertheless, there have been some "great storms", such as 1926 in the southeast and the snowfall that "buried" the city of Burgos in 2004.