Quite calm for Christmas, though breezes expected to strengthen. | Xesca Serra


Some days ago, there was a forecast for snow at Christmas in Mallorca. It came from Meteored rather than from the Aemet Spanish met agency, which is indicating that there won't be snow. The weather stations for the mountains are not showing any snowfall for the next few days.

The Aemet delegate in the Balearics, María José Guerrero, says that there will be rain during the day on Christmas Eve and that a cold front will affect Mallorca. However, the rain is expected to be light. Lows will be between 7C and 12C, with a high of 15C. Breezes will mostly be from the south and southwest.

On Christmas Day, cloudy skies will continue to dominate, and there may be isolated showers in the morning. The breezes will still be from the southwest, becoming quite strong at times. Daytime temperatures will be between 15C and 17C, with nighttime temperatures between 11C and 14C

For Boxing Day, highs of 17C to 19C are being forecast.