New Year's Day - Playa de Muro, 2012. | Andrew Ede

Miquel Gili of the Aemet met agency in the Balearics is promising springlike weather for the New Year weekend.

A powerful anticyclone is dominating at present and keeping storms from the Atlantic at bay. On Friday, there may be some cloud or fog around but skies will clear and temperatures will range between 18C and 23C. The average for the time of year is 15C. "These temperatures are well above average." Breezes will be very light.

Overnight on New Year's Eve is forecast to be slightly cloudy with temperatures between 4C and 10C. The average for the time of the year is 6C. New Year's Day's weather will be a repeat of Friday, with a possible high of 24C.

Sunday will see more of the same, Gili noting that forecast highs are some five degrees higher than April's average temperature of 19C.

By Wednesday, the day of the Kings parades, temperatures are forecast to drop, with highs of around 16C.