Drier than usual in Mallorca. | Pau Figuerola

The hydrological year which began on October 1, 2021 and ended on September 30 was either the second or third driest in Spain since records began 60 years ago. Spokesperson for the Aemet met agency, Rubén del Campo, says that the final position will depend on data for the last three days of September. Up to September 27, there was an average rainfall of 473 litres per square metre, 26 per cent lower than usual.

For the hydrological year up to the 27th, there was lower than normal rainfall ​​in a large part of the mainland and in the Balearics.

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Del Campo explains that the driest hydrological year was 2004-2005, with an average of 415 litres per square metre. Without factoring in the final three days, 2021-2022 was an average of one litre lower than 2011-2012.