An Indian summer and good enough for the beach. | Toni Diez

'Veranillo de San Miguel' or simply 'veranillo' is the Spanish equivalent of an Indian summer. It is known after the Archangel Saint Michael because of the time of year when it can be anticipated. The feast day was September 29 (Michaelmas), and the whole veranillo period - in theory - lasts until the feast of Saint Martin on November 11.

It has in fact arrived a little late. September 29 was one of the coldest days of the month and September 30 was worse. But over this weekend, there have been clear blue skies and highs up to 28C. The sea temperature is still around 25C.

The met agency Aemet's forecast for Monday is for temperatures equally as high. Breezes will continue to be light. On Tuesday, though, it's likely to be quite cloudy and there could be the odd shower. On Wednesday, there is the possibility of thunderstorms. Even so, temperatures should continue to be high - up to 28C into next weekend.