The Palma Met Office said that a minimum temperature of -4.3 degrees Centigrade was registered in Escorca near Lluc at the end of last month and that February was far colder than normal.

Their monthly weather report for February had some rather unusual facts for an island known for its sunshine:

In some areas it rained more than five times the normal: at Palma University it rained 216.0
l/m2, when the normal is 40.7 l/m2 and, in Portocolom, 208.8 l/m2, when the normal is 38.5
l/m2. In Escorca, the highest rainfall was collected, 426.4 l/m2, almost four times the normal.

The lowest minimum temperatures were as follows: -4.3C in Escorca; -1.2C in Sant Joan -1.0C in Ciutadella Cala Galdana (Menorca) and 1.7 C in Formentera and 1.7 C at Formentera.

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At the end of the month and in early March large amounts of snow fell in mountain areas.