Spring is in the air in the Balearics. | Julian Aguirre


Spring begins next Monday and it is going to be warmer than usual in the Balearics.
Pollensa has already recorded the first tropical night of the year, with record minimum and maximum temperatures

State Meteorological Agency (Aemet), María José Guerrero, delegate said today that these forecasts are based on the 1991-2020 reference period and pointed out that, although warmer days are expected from now on, she has not ruled out “the odd cold day and some snowfall”.

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She also reported that in March the first tropical night of the year was experienced in Pollensa during the first fortnight of March.

She did however point out that winter has been very varied in Mallorca with a warmer-than-normal December and snowfalls in January.

“We have never recorded such high and abnormal minimum temperatures. Temperatures that are normally recorded in June and September,” she said.