Yellow alert for rain issued for Thursday. | Alejandro Sepúlveda


The Aemet met agency reports that a depression that is causing torrential rain and flooding in southeastern Spain is heading in the direction of the Balearics.

A yellow alert for heavy rain has been issued for Mallorca's interior for Thursday afternoon - it is possible that the alert will be extended - Aemet spokesperson Bernat Amengual saying on Tuesday that the depression "will not produce adverse weather phenomena". In other words, while heavy rain, thunderstorms and hail can be expected, there will be less intensity than on the mainland.

For Wednesday, things look reasonable for northern areas - low probability of rain and a good deal of sun - and less good elsewhere. Thunderstorms may break out in the afternoon, and any rain may be of the muddy variety. Rain is on the cards for the whole of Mallorca on Thursday, with the alert for the interior currently effective from noon until 6pm. Further stormy weather is possible on Friday.

Forecast for Wednesday as of Tuesday 5pm (UV rating 8):

Alcudia (15C) 22C, light northeast breeze veering southeast; humidity 60%. Three-day forecast - Thu: 23, Fri: 24, Sat: 24.

Andratx (13C) 23C, light south-southwest breezes; humidity 50%. Thu: 23, Fri: 24, Sat: 26.

Binissalem (12C) 25C, gentle east breeze easing to light west; humidity 50%. Thu: 23, Fri: 25, Sat: 27.

Deya (12C) 22C, light north breeze easing to calm; humidity 65%. Thu: 21, Fri: 23, Sat: 25.

Palma (15C) 24C, gentle southwest breeze easing to light; humidity 45%. Thu: 23, Fri: 25, Sat: 27.

Pollensa (14C) 24C, light northeast-east breezes; humidity 60%. Thu: 24, Fri: 25, Sat: 25.

Porreres (12C) 25C, gentle east breeze easing to light west; humidity 50%. Thu: 24, Fri: 24, Sat: 27.

Sant Llorenç (13C) 24C, light east and south breezes; humidity 55%. Thu: 23, Fri: 23, Sat: 25.

Santanyi (13C) 24C, gentle east breeze easing to light west; humidity 50%. Thu: 23, Fri: 23, Sat: 24.

Sineu (13C) 23C, gentle northeast breeze easing to light northeast; humidity 50%. Thu: 22, Fri: 23, Sat: 25.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19; moderate to 28.

Balearic Webcams (

Tuesday summary (to 5pm) - Highs of 24.9 Es Capdellà, 24.6 Palma University, 24.5 Sant Elm; Lows of 9.4 Son Torrella (Escorca), 10.2 Serra Alfabia (Bunyola), 12.1 Palma University; Rainfall of 0.5 litres per square metre Serra Alfabia, 0.4 Son Bonet (Marratxi).