There were 52 litres per square metre of rain in Palma on Monday. | Teresa Ayuga

The Aemet met agency has issued a new alert for heavy rain.

As on Monday, when there was up to 52 litres per square metre of rain in Palma, the alert is yellow (lowest level of alert). It applies to the south of the island only and is effective until 7pm on Tuesday. Aemet notes that there could be rain elsewhere in Mallorca but that it will be less intense. The risk of rain in the south is up to twenty litres per square metre in an hour.

A yellow alert for rain in the south has also been issued for the south from 12 noon to 6pm Wednesday. This warning includes the risk of thunderstorms and possible hail.

The met agency says that a depression which formed in the Mediterranean is centred on the Balearics. Although there aren't as yet weather alerts beyond Wednesday, they are likely, as the general forecast is unaltered into next week.