Lightning on Saturday. | @AEMET_Baleares

On Saturday, the weather alert for rain and thunderstorms in the interior was upgraded from yellow to amber, and there was absolutely torrential rain in Binissalem - getting on for 80 litres per square metre. The image with this report shows lightning in the Raiguer and Tramuntana regions of Mallorca between 11.20am and 2.20pm - 416 electrical discharges in all.

And some more of the same on the cards for Sunday, with the same areas of Mallorca likely to be most affected and at roughly the same time of the day. A yellow alert for heavy rain for the south, interior and Tramuntana from 1pm to 7pm and a yellow alert for thunderstorms in the interior for the same period.

In the north, which was on yellow alert on Saturday but didn't get a lot of rain, the forecast for Sunday is at present pretty good after some possible rain in the morning, as it also is for Monday - plenty of sun. For the rest of the island, some sunny spells.

On Monday, weather alerts can probably be anticipated and along the lines of Sunday's. However, there does just appear to be a general improvement on its way, with far lower probabilities of rain being forecast from Wednesday.

Forecast for Sunday as of Saturday 7pm (UV rating 8):

Alcudia (17C) 24C, gentle northeast breeze easing to light east; humidity 60%. Three-day forecast - Mon: 25, Tue: 26, Wed: 27.

Andratx (15C) 24C, calm increasing to light south breeze; humidity 65%. Mon: 25, Tue: 25, Wed: 25.

Binissalem (14C) 26C, light east breeze increasing to gentle northeast; humidity 55%. Mon: 27, Tue: 28, Wed: 29.

Deya (14C) 24C, light north breeze easing to calm; humidity 70%. Mon: 24, Tue: 24, Wed: 25.

Palma (14C) 26C, moderate southwest breeze easing to light; humidity 55%. Mon: 25, Tue: 26, Wed: 26.

Pollensa (16C) 26C, light northeast-east breezes; humidity 55%. Mon: 27, Tue: 28, Wed: 29.

Porreres (13C) 26C, light east breeze; humidity 55%. Mon: 26, Tue: 27, Wed: 27.

Sant Llorenç (15C) 25C, gentle east breeze easing to light; humidity 60%. Mon: 26, Tue: 26, Wed: 27.

Santanyi (14C) 24C, gentle east breeze; humidity 55%. Mon: 25, Tue: 25, Wed: 26.

Sineu (14C) 25C, light east breeze; humidity 55%. Mon: 25, Tue: 28, Wed: 28.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19; moderate to 28.

Balearic Webcams (

Saturday summary (to 7pm) - Highs of 26.4 Puerto Pollensa, 25.9 Pollensa, 25.8 Binissalem; Lows of 8.1 Son Torrella (Escorca), 10.9 Lluc, 12.1 Campos; Gust of 54 km/h Binissalem; Rainfall of 77.4 litres per square metre Binissalem, 49.0 Banyalbufar, 30.0 Santa Maria del Camí, 24.4 Petra, 5.2 Son Torrella.