Different video shots of the torrential rain at Palma airport. | MDB Digital


Palma airport closed on Tuesday afternoon after it was hit by a storm that left over 50 litres per square metre of rain and caused extensive flooding. It has now re-opened. Eye witnesses told the Bulletin that it was "chaos" with travellers running for cover from the rain which came pouring through the roof. Airport staff were battling to bring the situation under control. Passengers waited on their aircraft for a return to normal operations.

An airport spokesperson said: "Palma airport has reactivated its operations after the storm. The first take-offs and landings have already begun, and the diverted flights are expected to land at Palma airport during the afternoon. The airport continues to work to normalise operations. The airports authority (Aena) recommends passengers to check with their airline before travelling to the airport."

"The airport has activated the emergency plan for flooding and is working as quickly as possible to re-establish normality at the airport."

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There hadn't been a weather alert for the south of Mallorca until some time after noon, when an amber alert was issued and the previously issued yellow alert for the interior was upgraded to amber.

The airport took the brunt of the storm. Otherwise, the heaviest rain was in Ibiza. The alerts for rain were still active until 9pm. Aemet has forecast more rain for Wednesday and there is the possibility of some more on Thursday.

The airport authorities are expected to launch a full investigation in the light of the incident. Some aircraft had been diverted to other airports.

Check airport arrival and departure times: https://www.aena.es/es/infovuelos.html