Cala Marçal. Felanitx forecast for Tuesday - sunny with a gentle southerly breeze and a high of 30C. | Ajuntament de Felanitx


Another sunny day for Mallorca and pretty hot in areas. The possibility remains of some dust cover and this is expected to be the case for a couple more days.

As has been noted in previous daily reports, there is the probability of rain on Wednesday and Thursday. Weather stations are suggesting that this will be most likely on Wednesday evening and into Thursday morning, but it will only be very light (if at all) and may well be muddy because of the Saharan dust.

'Tropical' nights, when the temperature doesn't dip below 20C, are quite possible overnight Monday and up to Wednesday night.

Temperatures in general rather variable depending on area; a high of 35 forecast for Tuesday and Wednesday.

Forecast for Tuesday as of Monday 6.30pm (UV rating 9):

  • Alcudia (19C) 29C, light northeast breeze; humidity 50%. Three-day forecast - Wed: 32, Thu: 31, Fri: 27.
  • Andratx (19C) 29C, gentle west breeze easing to light southwest; humidity 50%. Wed: 28, Thu: 37, Fri: 28.
  • Binissalem (18C) 35C, light east breeze veering southeast; humidity 35%. Wed: 33, Thu: 30, Fri: 31.
  • Deya (18C) 29C, light northwest breeze easing to calm; humidity 55%. Wed: 29, Thu: 27, Fri: 27.
  • Palma (20C) 31C, gentle south breeze easing to light; humidity 45%. Wed: 29, Thu: 27, Fri: 29.
  • Pollensa (18C) 30C, light north breeze backing northwest; humidity 55%. Wed: 35, Thu: 33, Fri: 29.
  • Porreres (18C) 35C, gentle south breeze easing to light east; humidity 35%. Wed: 33, Thu: 29, Fri: 31.
  • Sant Llorenç (19C) 33C, light southeast breeze increasing to gentle; humidity 50%. Wed: 32, Thu: 31, Fri: 29.
  • Santanyi (19C) 31C, moderate south breeze easing to light; humidity 40%. Wed: 29, Thu: 27, Fri: 28.
  • Sineu (19C) 35C, calm increasing to light northeast breeze; humidity 35%. Wed: 33, Thu: 30, Fri: 30.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19; moderate to 28.

Monday summary (as of 6.30pm) - Highs of 32.9 Binissalem and Llucmajor, 32.8 Muro, 32.5 Porreres, 32.3 Sa Pobla, 31.9 Santa Maria, 31.6 Palma University, 31.3 Sineu, 30.4 Sant Elm, 30.3 Colonia Sant Pere and Petra, 30.2 Can Sion (Campos) and Es Capdellà, 30.1 Pollensa, 30.0 Arta; Lows of 10.0 Son Torrella (Escorca), 13.8 Lluc, 14.3 Serra Alfabia (Bunyola), 15.9 Palma University.