Sea temperatures are higher than usual. | Humphrey Carter


The deputy spokesman for the state met. office in the Balearics has forecast a possible minor change in the weather on Sunday as a cold front located in northern Europe will have some impact on the Mediterranean, although it will not be much.

Temperatures are expected to drop by 3º-4º, which means that they will go from being above average to below average in some parts of the island. That said, for the most part it should be good day to hit the beach.

On Monday 24 June, a public holiday in Palma, some clouds are looming bringing some isolated showers in the afternoon. Night-time temperatures will drop slightly, while daytime temperatures will rise a touch. The wind will generally blow lightly from the east.

But looking ahead, Mallorca is set to heat up alongside the rest of Europe next week - after an exceptional weather moment

Despite the extreme weather warning, the forecast for Mallorca is not unusually hot at the start of this week. It kicks off cloudy, with temperatures sometimes dipping below 20C.

However, as Europe heats up towards the end of the week, Mallorca can expect the same, according to the Met Office. The day-by-day forecast below shows it will peak on Wednesday

The week ahead:

  • Sunday, June 23 - Sun/cloud, high 25C, low 18C
  • Monday, June 24 - Sunny, high 25C, low 19C
  • Tuesday, June 25 - Sunny, high 25C, low 20C
  • Wednesday, June 26 - Sunny, high 28C, low 21C
  • Thursday, June 27 - Sunny, high 27C, low 21C
  • Friday, June 28 - Sunny, high 27C, low 21C.