Gridlock in Palma as the clouds burst and the rain fell. | Humphrey Carter


It was a very wet start to July in Mallorca. Tourists were forced to dive into shops for cover when the rain started to fall just after midday - good for the sales no doubt - while traffic in the centre of Palma was brought to gridlock and long queues formed for underground parking.

With all of the Balearics on storm alert, some meteotsunamis occurred on beaches and in several ports of the island. The territorial delegation of the State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) in the Balearics reported that the meteotsunami in Puerto Pollensa had reached 60 centimetres. There was another in Puerto de Alcudia.

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All of Mallorca was on yellow alert today (Monday) for rain and storms.

After a June with temperatures “not too high”, the forecast models point to a “hot” July, with values that could be between one and three degrees above the normal average throughout the month, according to data from Aemet.