Illetes. The Calvia forecast for Tuesday is for sun with some possible cloud in the morning, a gentle northwest breeze and a high of 27C. | Javier Furones


So, there was a bit of rain around on Monday. The met agency sort of got right, having added the north to the yellow alert list on Monday morning; the rest of Mallorca was on alert either from Saturday or Sunday.

As can be seen from the chart here, there was virtually no rain in the south, for which the yellow alert was first issued on Saturday. Oh well ... .

Rainfall in Mallorca on 1 July 2024
Rainfall on Monday. Aemet.

The risk of showers on Tuesday and Wednesday, mainly in eastern areas, is now much lower than it was.

On Tuesday, there may be some cloud in areas, but it is expected to be a mainly sunny day. Later in the week it all looks fine, with highs varying across the island - 28 to 34 range.

Forecast for Tuesday as of Monday 7.30pm (UV rating 8):

  • Alcudia (19C) 28C, moderate north breeze easing to light northeast; humidity 50%. Three-day forecast - Wed: 26, Thu: 28, Fri: 28.
  • Andratx (19C) 26C, gentle northwest breeze easing to light; humidity 50%. Wed: 26, Thu: 28, Fri: 28.
  • Binissalem (17C) 28C, light southwest breeze increasing to gentle east; humidity 40%. Wed: 29, Thu: 30, Fri: 32.
  • Deya (18C) 25C, light northwest breeze easing to calm; humidity 45%. Wed: 25, Thu: 28, Fri: 29.
  • Palma (18C) 29C, moderate northwest breeze easing to light north; humidity 40%. Wed: 29, Thu: 29, Fri: 31.
  • Pollensa (19C) 29C, moderate northwest breeze easing to light north; humidity 45%. Wed: 28, Thu: 30, Fri: 30.
  • Porreres (16C) 30C, gentle southwest breeze backing east; humidity 35%. Wed: 30, Thu: 30, Fri: 32.
  • Sant Llorenç (18C) 30C, moderate east breeze easing to gentle; humidity 50%. Wed: 29, Thu: 30, Fri: 30.
  • Santanyi (17C) 28C, moderate southwest breeze easing to gentle northeast; humidity 40%. Wed: 28, Thu: 28, Fri: 29.
  • Sineu (18C) 30C, gentle southwest breeze easing to light northeast; humidity 40%. Wed: 29, Thu: 29, Fri: 30.

* Light breeze to 11 km/h; gentle to 19; moderate to 28.

Monday summary (as of 7.30pm) - Highs of 30.0 Porreres, 29.5 Sant Elm, 29.4 Llucmajor, 29.3 Es Capdellà, 29.2 Palma University, 28.8 Cap Blanc (Llucamajor), 28.7 Binissalem, 28.6 Manacor, 28.3 Can Sion and Salines Llevant (Campos) and Palma Airport, 28.2 Banyalbufar, Cabrera and Colonia Sant Pere, 28.1 Santanyi and Son Bonet (Marratxi); Lows of 14.0 Son Torrella (Escorca), 15.4 Serra Alfabia (Bunyola), 17.4 Lluc, 18.8 Palma University, 18.6 Can Sion; Gusts of 58 km/h Palma Airport, Puerto Soller and Serra Alfabia; Rainfall of 51.0 litres per square metre Son Torrella, 35.6 Puerto Soller, 31.1 Lluc, 17.0 Pollensa, 14.5 Serra Alfabia.