It can’t be easy, well we are all seeing that it is not, but like it or not, at least the current Balearic government is trying to get a grip on so much illegal activity which has been allowed to go on for years, much to the detriment of legal, law-abiding businesses.

Firstly, the illegal renting out of holiday properties. Had the corresponding taxes on income been paid by owners over all these years, Balearic coffers would be in a better state. Secondly, the authorities have no real idea of how many illegal rental cars there are on the island and how many of those have been registered at cut-price rates with small councils on the mainland in order to avoid paying higher rates in the Balearics. Thirdly, we now have nearly 3,000 charter yachts being operated illegally in the Balearics, again with the corresponding dues not being paid to the local authorities.

And of course we’ve had a long list of politicians, members of the royal family and aids with their fingers in the pies of public funds. I am not surprised the Balearics is a little strapped for cash.

How long will it take the government to get a grip on all the illegal activity remains to be seen. In under two years we have a general election in Spain and local elections in May. I cannot really see there being a total changing of the guard, although there will probably be some political tweaking, so I hope the war on corruption can continue.