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No short-term holiday lets.

Rent out your home to tourists in Palma and face a 40,000 fine

"Council want to curb shortage of properties...."

Jason Moore

O’Leary has warned of a rise in flight prices.

Mallorca flight prices set to rise this summer

Prices will peak this summer before a winter downturn

Humphrey Carter

Medical staff at Palma airport will be checking Covid documents

Bad news for unvaccinated Britons wanting to travel to Mallorca

A valid vaccination or recovery certificate is needed by UK visitors.

Humphrey Carter

Baby Barnes on the plane from Madrid

Paws Friendly – Pup Pup and Away…

Find out which airlines allow you to take your dog and what you need to know.

Sarah Forge

Mask-wearing on planes

Spain to maintain mask-wearing mandate on planes

The EU has dropped the recommendation for mask-wearing on planes.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Leased Royal Air Force transport planes will soon be flying British tourists to Mallorca

"British travel firms will be making extensive use of the aircraft...."

Jason Moore

Masks can soon come off when flying.

Europe to drop mandate for face masks during air travel next week

Masks are still required on public transport in Mallorca.

Check your all inclusive alcohol limits

Leave your sausages at home when travelling to Mallorca

Some Britons will have to get used to the delights of the local food.

Humphrey Carter

Spain could be about to ease Covid travel entry rules for UK visitors.

Some good news for British travellers to the Balearics

Spanish Covid travel rules due to change on May 15

Humphrey Carter

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