A safer Magalluf

The Mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez.

“Magalluf is a safe, quality resort we want everyone to come and enjoy in harmony”

“Moving forward, the emphasis is no longer going to be on quantity, it is going to be on quality."

Humphrey Carter

The construction of Calvia Beach The Plaza

The project that changed Magalluf's DNA

The spine of Magalluf was to be remodelled, while its outer body was to be beautified.

Andrew Ede

"Drunken tourism can't live with quality tourism"

Robledo says that "these days the bars and restaurants are changing from offering fried food of all types to more selective cuisine".

Jason Moore

Consul General Lloyd Millen

Consul General Lloyd Milen wants Britons to enjoy Magalluf in a responsible manor

Foreign Office has launched numerous health and safety campaigns for British tourists.

Consul General Lloyd Milen