A safer Magalluf

Richie Prior talks about working and living in Magalluf

After 30 years of working in Magalluf, the Director of Pirates says new laws are working

He thinks the campaigns to increase awareness to the dangers of excess drinking etc. are worthy and have worked.

Richie Prior

The Balearic Minister for Tourism, Employment and the Economic Model, Iago Negueruela

No going back on the Balearic Law of Excesses says Tourism Minister

“We want people to enjoy their holidays to the full in a safe environment, and the Balearics is the safest destination in the Mediterranean."

Humphrey Carter

Amanda Jeffries talks about Magalluf

Magalluf wasn't Mallorca but now it is

Mallorca deserves people who appreciate and respect the island and its inhabitants.

Vice President of the Mallorca Hoteliers Federation, Maria Jose Aguilo talks about Magalluf

"The new Magalluf is the Magalluf we want..."

"We don´t want tourists who misbehave..."

Jason Moore

The Mayor of Calvia, Alfonso Rodriguez.

“Magalluf is a safe, quality resort we want everyone to come and enjoy in harmony”

“Moving forward, the emphasis is no longer going to be on quantity, it is going to be on quality."

Humphrey Carter

Diablo V talks about Magalluf

DJ Diablo V supports curbs on excessive drinking

They are not intended to curb fun, but ultimately to make Magalluf a safer place to holiday.

DJ Diablo V

Xavier Pasquet, Director of Tourism, Calvia

"Excessive drinking was creating so many problems..."

"I am very proud of the changes which have taken place..."

Jason Moore

Tomeu Canyelles and Biel Vives on the guided tour in Magalluf

Magalluf and the "motor of change" - Culture and literature

Magalluf is undergoing transformation, so what better than to make culture central to Magalluf, a culture very different to the "laboratory" that had given rise to the sensationalism examined by Tomeu Canyelles and Biel Vives.

Andrew Ede

The British group Muse closes the Mallorca Live Festival in 2022

How Magalluf's Mallorca Live Festival has become a strategic event for the island

The festival is a clear example of successful public-private collaboration in seeking to position Mallorca as a "responsible cultural, family and leisure destination".

Andrew Ede

An old photo of Magalluf beach in 1951

Magalluf: the history

An insignificant place on the Calvia coast with no compelling back story assumed great significance and has since inspired thousands of stories.

Andrew Ede