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Wild boar the new peril in Spain, Shakira said she was attacked

Spain's Hunting Resources Research Institute estimates that the wild boar population will surpass two million next year.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

Fatal incident happaned in Palma's seafront.

British woman falls to her death in Mallorca

Tourist has only been on the island for two days.

Humphrey Carter

Cost of living is surging in Mallorca.

UK joins Spain as inflation hits double digits

Spain is battling a major surge in inflation.

Humphrey Carter

Madrid alarmed by smoke from Portugal wildfire 300 km away

Portuguese wildfire envelops Madrid skyscrapers in smoke 400 km away

July was the hottest month recorded in Spain since at least 1961 when Spain's meteorological service began its register.

Illegal overtaking in Mallorca's Tramuntana Mountains

Tramuntana Mountains reckless driver apologises

"I apologise. What I did was unforgivable."

Andrew Ede

Stone boatshed in Sa Rapita, Mallorca

Graffiti affecting Mallorca's maritime heritage

Examples of maritime heritage in Campos and Llucmajor have been affected.

Andrew Ede

Bus garage in Mallorca

Tourist falls asleep and is locked inside a bus

The holidaymaker had taken the Aerotib bus to Alcudia.

Andrew Ede

Palma port.

Find out which ships are in port today

No cruise ships scheduled for today.

Ashlee Caliz

Pelagia noctiluca jellyfish

Lowest numbers of jellyfish in Mallorca since 2014

Jellyfish are dragged towards the coasts by meteorological conditions.

Andrew Ede

Jaume Alzamora of Més at the Council of Mallorca

Political crisis deepens over Real Mallorca stadium naming rights deal

There is talk of an ultimatum - either scrap the agreement with Real Mallorca or the coalition at the Council of Mallorca will be broken.

Andrew Ede

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Santa Catalina residents : terrifying weekend

"Those affected have endured another day without being able to sleep. The streets have dawned with urine in many corners, broken glass bottles on the floor and other remains of binge drinking, accumulated in some places for several days."

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter15/08/2022 14:55

Watch out for sudden sea surges in the Balearics over the coming days.

Balearics on alert for meteotsunamis and forest fires

Record high minimum temperatures were recorded on Sunday night.

Humphrey Carter15/08/2022 13:12


Starmer unrepentant over his Mallorca holiday, My family needed a break

“Everyone’s entitled to a holiday but it’s time he practised what he preaches.

Jason Moore15/08/2022 11:53

German hotel imposter arrested in the Playa de Palma.

German hotel guest imposters arrested in Mallorca

Suspect spent the night on full board in police cells.

Humphrey Carter15/08/2022 10:38

Property in the Tramuntana Mountains, Mallorca

Increased American interest in Mallorca property buying

Attributed to the United Airlines service from New York-Newark.

Andrew Ede14/08/2022 18:43

Buggies in Felanitx, Mallorca

Town halls wanting island-wide regulation of buggy excursions

Arta, Felanitx and Manacor have all passed bylaws, but island-wide regulation is felt to be necessary.

Andrew Ede14/08/2022 13:06

Guardia Civil arrest suspect at the airport in Mallorca

Ten-year sentence sought for Santa Ponsa rapist

The accused evaded the Guardia Civil for almost five months.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter14/08/2022 12:30

Police in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

Playa de Palma - "like a war zone"

Thieves, three-card tricksters, illegal sellers, drunken tourists ...

Andrew Ede14/08/2022 09:03

Market in Palma, Mallorca

29% of people in the Balearics are needing a loan

The pandemic and now inflation have led to a doubling in the number of loan requests.

Andrew Ede14/08/2022 08:27

Palma, Mallorca

Putting a value on the Balearics - almost 80,000 million euros

"The cadastral value is, in general, below the real value."

Andrew Ede14/08/2022 07:28

Sir Keir Starmer spent most of this week in Mallorca.

Keir Starmer enjoys a break in Mallorca

Starmer came under fire from his own MPs for being on holiday.

Humphrey Carter13/08/2022 10:38


Will we have to get used to living in a permanent heat wave throughout the summer?

If we do it on the basis of more recent climates (such as 1993-2022), we would have a summer like this every 40-50 years. In future, warmer climates, we will be able to have more frequent summers like this one.

13/08/2022 10:35

The Sheikha of Qatar in Palma, Mallorca

Sheikha of Qatar shopping in Mallorca

An entire floor at the Jumeirah Hotel in Puerto Soller has been reserved.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter13/08/2022 09:12

Sea in Palma, Mallorca

Sea faecal contamination has increased

The bays of Palma and Pollensa have been particularly problematic.

Andrew Ede13/08/2022 08:27

Shop in Menorca

Five per cent drop in energy consumption in Mallorca

Energy-saving measures came into force on Wednesday.

Andrew Ede13/08/2022 07:43

Hortella Fest concert in Sant Joan, Mallorca

Concerts called off because of holiday rental pressure and threats

Organisers claim that the authorities are on the side of tourists and not local people.

Andrew Ede12/08/2022 17:16

National Police in Playa de Palma, Mallorca

17-year-old arrested for false needle-spiking claim

The 17-year-old hadn't even been in the club where he said he was needle spiked.

Andrew Ede12/08/2022 16:36