Discovering the essence of Soller: A local's guide to must-see gems

"A little project for the 'Lonely Planet' guidebook taught me that what readers seem to love most, is a locals view of their favourite things..."

Shirley Roberts

Police in Palma, Mallorca

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The owner's fear of the 'tenant-squatter' in Mallorca

A couple of months' rent is paid and then tenants stop paying it.

Andrew Ede

Luis Riu of Riu Hotels & Resorts


All-inclusive hotels and holidaymakers not spending - a myth?

Luis Riu: "For most of us there is that feeling that what you have already paid for resets the meter and encourages you to consume more."

Andrew Ede


From Constitution day to sky high costs

"I watched with great interest one staff member at Palma airport who was like a hawk stalking his prey trying to catch anybody he could with the wrong sized bag..."

Richie Prior

David Peregrina, a Mallorcan murdered in Brazil, with his wife Erika

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Prime suspect identified in Brazil for shooting of a Mallorcan

David Peregrina and his Brazilian wife were murdered two weeks ago.

Andrew Ede

Tourists in Palma, Mallorca

Majorca tourism

Balearics shattering tourist records

Tourist numbers up to October were greater - and by a considerable distance - than the 2018 record for a whole year.

Andrew Ede

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Guardia Civil at a traffic accident in Mallorca

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89-year-old dies after car crash

The accident occurred around quarter to eight on Thursday evening.

Andrew Ede08/12/2023 08:47

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Your weekly news catch-up in Mallorca

Read the top stories on the island this past week.

Andrew Ede08/12/2023 08:30

An illegal street seller in Palma.


Time for a change

Far too much red tape and businesses were paying the price.

Jason Moore08/12/2023 07:30

Uber cars in Mallorca

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The Uber Mallorca advance booking rule being maintained for now

The Balearic government is waiting for a court ruling about the present 30-minute rule.

Andrew Ede07/12/2023 17:14

Trains at the Intermodal Station in Palma, Mallorca

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Balearic government says there will be free transport in 2024

The government has made this announcement even though Madrid has yet to confirm the subsidy.

Andrew Ede07/12/2023 16:21

EMT bus in Palma, Mallorca

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Palma buses will no longer be free in 2024

An announcement to this effect had already been made.

Andrew Ede07/12/2023 11:10

Pets and travelling

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Planes, tails and mid-flight snacks - Spain’s Vueling rolls out pet treats

Vueling has developed the concept jointly with Belgian pet food maker Edgard & Cooper.

Jakub Olesiuk06/12/2023 13:08

Weapons in the possession of a man in Palma, Mallorca

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Arrested in Palma for carrying knives and firearms

A resident raised the alarm - there was a man on the streets with a knife.

Andrew Ede06/12/2023 11:32

James Costos, former US ambassador to Spain

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Ex-US ambassador to Spain buys an estate in Mallorca

James Costos has had a close association with Mallorca over the years.

Andrew Ede06/12/2023 09:07

FILE PHOTO: FILE PHOTO: Invictus Games in Duesseldorf


End of the game

“In fairness, Scobie has a fantastic name that offers endless opportunity for satirical sobriquets but I’m not sure what else he has going for him...”

Anna Nicholas05/12/2023 17:56

Oobius rudnevi

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Parasitoid wasp found in Mallorca - and it could be good news

The host for 'Oobius rudnevi' is a beetle that can cause tremendous damage to oaks.

Andrew Ede05/12/2023 16:56

Soller's train


Tracks of change: Navigating the commuter landscape in Soller

What a year to review, as Mallorca got hotter and busier than ever.

Shirley Roberts05/12/2023 09:46

Mercat de l'Olivar in Palma, Mallorca

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The ham war of Palma's Olivar Market to go to court

The Prosecutor's Office didn't believe that a crime had been committed.

Andrew Ede05/12/2023 08:48