Flooding in Sa Pobla

Storm Gloria keeps Spain on alert

The forecast for today is for more of the same and weather alerts have been issued in 27 provinces nationwide for heavy rain and snow, strong winds and high seas.


Road closures and advice.

Road closure and advice

Many roads are now flooded and you are advised to drive with extreme caution and if possible not to drive on the mountain roads at all.


The Es Pinaret centre for minors in Palma.

Scandal at the Council: the week in Majorca

The Council of Majorca's social affairs institute was at the centre of a child prostitution scandal; the "booze tourism" decree was passed; there were preparations for this week's tourism fair in Madrid; and there was controversy about Catalan courses for the police.


Tourists on the beach drinking.

Mixed views over booze ban

The Balearic Government is absolutely determined to rid Magalluf, Playa de Palma and Sant Antoni of their boozy reputations once and for all.


Do you think the government is right to introduce booze quota in Magalluf hotels?





The Abruzzo ‘le vertu’ beans and pasta dish

Spanish dishes for frosty winter days

This is the time of year when Spanish traditional dishes called platos de cuchara (dishes eaten with a spoon) are invariably on domestic menus — and on the blackboards of many restaurants.


Balls is back

There is much more to the former Labour shadow cabinet member than meets the eye.



Up-cycling Christmas

So all in all, if your tree is still up (like mine is) don’t fret about the hollow curse of tradition.


National Police during the operation

Three cheers...

For the National Police operation against the United Tribuns.


Focus on cars

Pedal to the metal

'Rally Isla Mallorca’ and coming up to its 16th edition in less than two months.


Fiestas of Sant Sebastia

Dragons of Majorca

Palma on Sunday, the correfoc for the Sant Sebastià fiestas will feature beasts of fire.