Boats in Puerto Pollensa: just one part of the island that was affected by Storm Gloria.

The week of the storm in Majorca

Storm Gloria battered Majorca; the tourism excesses decree was "well received"; government communication was less than adequate; and there were to be no resignations.


Flooding in Sa Pobla

Storm Gloria keeps Spain on alert

The forecast for today is for more of the same and weather alerts have been issued in 27 provinces nationwide for heavy rain and snow, strong winds and high seas.


Road closures and advice.

Road closure and advice

Many roads are now flooded and you are advised to drive with extreme caution and if possible not to drive on the mountain roads at all.


Do you think the government is right to introduce booze quota in Magalluf hotels?






Vicente Moreno gets hold of Dani Rodriguez's shirt

Mallorca lose 3-0 to classy Sociedad

For the first 45 minutes Mallorca looked capable of keeping the slick passing Sociedad side at bay but all that was to change after half time.


Sleep and lack of it comes up regularly when talking with parents

I need my sleep!

Sleep and lack of it comes up regularly when talking with parents, not just as babies and toddlers but even later when the ‘shoulds’ of teenage years kick in.


The Abruzzo ‘le vertu’ beans and pasta dish

Spanish dishes for frosty winter days

This is the time of year when Spanish traditional dishes called platos de cuchara (dishes eaten with a spoon) are invariably on domestic menus — and on the blackboards of many restaurants.


Balls is back

There is much more to the former Labour shadow cabinet member than meets the eye.



Up-cycling Christmas

So all in all, if your tree is still up (like mine is) don’t fret about the hollow curse of tradition.


National Police during the operation

Three cheers...

For the National Police operation against the United Tribuns.