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Saint George Special

Palmanova hosts a series of events to thank the English, both tourists and residents, for for their loyalty over the years.

Passport control, Palma Airport, Mallorca

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British company at Palma Airport denounced for employment violations

It is alleged that the company forced employees to sign contracts with "substantial modifications".

Andrew Ede

Monuments in Mallorca


Palma Cathedral

Most famous monument in the Mediterranean

Beaches in Mallorca


Playa de Alcudia

The accessibility by car is easy

Aerial view of Bellver Castle


Bellver Castle

Gothic circular castle

Beaches in Mallorca


Es Trenc

Most beautiful beach on the island

View of Port Adriano
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Crew focus in Mallorca

Mastering dockwalking: A guide to landing a superyacht Job

While the process may seem informal, success in dockwalking requires strategic planning, professionalism, and effective communication.

Erica LayFotos: PORT ADRIANO


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Latest headlines

Jet2holidays signs Mallorca’s Responsible Tourism pledge

The UK’s largest tour operator has signed the pledge, which contains eight key points to help preserve the nature, values and beauty of Mallorca.

MDB DigitalJet2holidays

Beaches in Mallorca

Son Matias (Palmanova)

Excellent range of services

Beaches in Mallorca


Very crowded by local visitors

Beaches in Mallorca

Sa Calobra

One of Mallorca’s most beloved beauty spots

Beaches in Mallorca

Cala Mago

Official nudist beach

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cielo claro
Golf de Andrtax / Camp de Mar

Golf de Andrtax / Camp de Mar

For Spanish tax purposes, income is split into two categories with different tax treatment


How investment capital and income is taxed in Spain

An approved life assurance policy, where you hold your choice of investments within its ‘wrapper’, can provide tax advantages in Spain.

Cathal Rochford, Partner Blevins Franks


When does the next school year start in the Balearics?

This year the school year for 2024-2025 will not start on a Monday like this year.

MDB Digital