Food and drink

Sausages on the grill

Sausages: ancient, tasty and extremely versatile

The thickest sausages you’ll find here are the Argentinian chorizos that are always on the menu at the island’s Argentinian and Uruguayan restaurants...

Andrew Valente

The “plato del dìa” was sobrasada with eggs

Eating out in Mallorca: Vi Vermell in Palma Old Town

Traditional tapas and “platos del dia” in a stylish setting.

Mia Naprta

Eating out in Mallorca: Superfood Garden - Palmanova

Since I first went there a couple of months ago, it has become my weekly “go to” place - alone, with friends or work colleagues.

Mia Naprta

Fiery chicken, chickpea & harrisa soup

The Butchers Block...

A whole chicken is such a valuable and versatile ingredient, and if you get a little creative, it can easily supply fast, tasty meals for 3-4 days easily.

Marc Fosh

Nova del Mar cocktail

Cocktail Hour: Nova del Mar, Port Calanova

Aside from the regular drinks menu, they often have a “cocktail of the week".

Mia Naprta

Fabada Asturiana recipe

White Bean Time in Mallorca

Miserable weather calls for desperate measures.

Marc Fosh

Mexican Chef David Moreno at his restaurant Can Simoneta in Mallorca.

Two new restaurants in Mallorca, recognised by the Repsol Guide 2023

The Balearic Islands now has 40 award-winning restaurants.


More Food and drink
Restaurant Review for No11 in Puerto Andratx

Eating out in Mallorca: No11 in Puerto Andratx

This week we had delicious tapas, pinxos and cocktails in a picturesque port.

Mia Naprta27/02/2023 16:03

Making a lasagne

A different way of making a lasagna

The three principal elements included in most lasagne are plaques of thin pasta, a meaty sauce and a bechamel sauce.

Andrew Valente27/02/2023 11:34

American-style blueberry and vanilla pancakes

Everyday is pancake day

"Pancakes can be served as soon as they're made but they can also be made in advance..."

Marc Fosh24/02/2023 14:14

How the burger has changed over the years

Tall stories and I never liked them

“There came a moment when burgers were made up of so many bits and pieces they were too tall to hold, even with both hands...”

Andrew Valente17/02/2023 14:46

Mallorcan soup dishes

We're well into the soup season

Andrew Valente tells us the rules for making an authentic Mallorcan-style ‘sofritos’ to add to your soups and stews.

Andrew Valente14/02/2023 10:44

Seafood recipes

Something old, something new...

“In Spain the fishing villages all along the coastline are famous for their popular fish stews and soups...”

Marc Fosh13/02/2023 12:43

Mallorcan lemons are now in season

Get cooking with Mallorcan lemons!

“Lemon appears in all kinds of cooking, sometimes as the star, sometimes in a small, uncredited cameo...”

Marc Fosh13/02/2023 12:39

Restaurant Review in Santa Catalina

Eating Out in Mallorca: Modi in Santa Catalina

This place was truly special and I will definitely be back!

Mia Naprta09/02/2023 13:24

Michele’s burrata and raf tomato salad

For the best dishes get the right tomatoes

Five things happen when tomatoes are sold on the vine: they look better, are tastier, are firmer, have a longer shelf life and are slightly dearer.

Andrew Valente08/02/2023 15:45

Eating Out in Mallorca: La Vieja, Palma

La Vieja has an urban feel, with some spectacular graffiti...

Mia Naprta06/02/2023 22:34

Cocktail Hour: Brassclub, Passeig de Mallorca

We noted a flyer for live jazz on Sundays, so we decided that we would be back soon to try some more cocktails and enjoy the music.

Mia Naprta06/02/2023 13:06

Brownie time

The real beauty of the perfect brownie lies in the fact that it has to be both deliciously rich and surprisingly light.

Marc Fosh06/02/2023 12:30