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Portable tablets and smartphones have become totally ‘de rigeur’

‘The Geek shall inherit the Earth’

Everyone is in the mix, keeping up, or treading water, trying to catch up with the latest trends, tweets, posts, news, downloads, celebrity gossip, etc, etc.

Peter Clover

Can Picafort, Mallorca

The lost days of the spirit of the beach

Chiringuito beach bars characterised the spirit of the beach; sun loungers did not.

Andrew Ede

Ukraine war.

The Russians are coming!

Why the hell are they being permitted to enter Europe.

Amanda and healing horses

Healing horses

This week in Nordic Spotlight: Mallorca, now has close to 30,000 horses, with a sharp increase in the last ten years.

Jessika Ekman

Sir Keir Starmer faces questions over lockdown conduct

Bored with Beergate

There will always be those who believe that rules are there to be broken but one hopes in vain that it isn’t our politicians that lead the march.

Anna Nicholas

Tourists are seen in Palma

Give Mallorca a break

It’s very easy to complain but this is not the year, this is the year of recovery so let’s get going!

Humphrey Carter

David and Simon Reuben properties in Mallorca

The Brits are coming

“It had been feared that Brexit would hit British investment to the Balearics....”

Jason Moore

The Hotel Port Vell in Mallorca, which was knocked down to make way for residential accommodation

Hotel conversion - sound in principle, but ...

The agreement on conversion of obsolete hotels into accommodation raises any number of questions.

Andrew Ede

Old Majorca Daily Bulletin website

Getting in line online

The days of rushing out to buy newspapers are all but over.

Anna Nicholas

American cruise tourists in Palma, Mallorca

American tourism - a long way to go

American tourism, at present, is a drop in the Mediterranean.

Andrew Ede

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Holidaymakers on Mallorca

The predictability of Mallorca’s tourism affairs

If holidaymakers are not being advised of how this decree affects certain all-inclusives, then this is a failure of the hotels themselves or tour operators.

Andrew Ede06/05/2022 14:42

Cruise ships in Palma

Day not enough for Palma

The Balearic government’s attempt to limit and control mega cruise ships in Palma is not going to happen, but they could take another approach.

Humphrey Carter06/05/2022 14:29

The Brexit scenario



"The green residence certificate is still valid in Spain," says British ambassador.

Jason Moore06/05/2022 14:11