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Son Sant Joan airport in Palma

The Trauma of Travel

Travelling abroad used to be such a fun, truly exciting experience...

Peter Clover

Orange fair in Soller

Insights from Soller Valley

This weekend is Soller’s Orange fair.

Shirley Roberts

Protest in Palma, Mallorca calling for less tourism

The great "unlearning": Mallorca's tourism of the future

"Coexistence between residents and tourists, it's a crucial strategy for the future of tourism in Mallorca."

Andrew Ede

New England football kit on display in the Wembley Stadium store

Nike's kit controversy: Crossing boundaries in football fashion

Nike produces the kits for France, England, Brazil, Netherlands, Portugal and Croatia.

Richie Prior

Soller village gets ready for the Orange fair

Reflections of Soller: Summer's arrival, parking predicaments, and the Orange Fair

A two-week holiday for many, over the ‘early’ Easter, has come to an end and they return to school and work.

Shirley Roberts

A perfect moment

A good start to the day in Mallorca!

The coffee here always tastes divine, and an ideal host to go with a coffee is a ‘tostada de tomate’.

Neville James-Davies

General view of Cala Ratjada

It’s already kicking off in Mallorca

Cala Ratjada is making headlines for all the wrong reasons, but violence in the resort is not new.

Humphrey Carter

Palma's Town Hall show their support for the Real Mallorca football club

Real achievement but no real atmosphere

“Just to remind all that Mallorca are in the King's Cup get cheering”

Jason Moore

Fans support Real Mallorca at the new stadium opening

Game On: Mallorca's football boost and Easter business blitz

This week we learned that the Balearic government and the Council of Mallorca will pay 2.6 million euros to the club, a new tourism promotion sponsorship agreement.

Richie Prior

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Gran Via Boulevard in Soller

Easter in Soller: Tradition, tidings, and tasteful delights

In preparation for the returners at Easter the workforce has been busy tidying and finishing projects.

Shirley Roberts29/03/2024 12:20

Leaving money to family members? - Stand-by for a punch-up!

You don’t have be among the usual recognisably rich to any extent - if, when you die may have in terms of property and savings a few hundreds of thousands of pounds to pass on to assorted family members.

Frank Leavers29/03/2024 09:31

Reborn babies

There are countless reasons why women aren’t having babies any more, but perhaps the overriding one is based on economic constraints.

Anna Nicholas29/03/2024 09:02