Natural oranges from Fet a Sóller: Free-range chickens eat the weeds


A gift of nature

Juicy, fruity and extremely aromatic: that’s how Mallorcan oranges taste!

Moreover, the fruits are a natural booster for our immune system. Not only the vitamins from the flesh, but also the secondary vital substances from the peel and the white layer underneath help our health. The ingredients have an anti- oxidant effect and support our immune system.

Winter oranges Navel

Navel and Navelina are the first oranges of the season. They have a nice thick skin and are easy to peel. They taste fruity and fresh and have a good balance of sugar and acidity.

In the valley of the oranges

Sóller has been famous for its oranges for more than 200 years. Plenty of water and a sunny climate are optimal conditions for citrus fruits with an intense flavour.

The harvest basket is read. Our fruits from fresh from the tree
The harvest basket is ready. Our fruits come fresh from the tree

Juicy orange Canoneta

With more that 50% juice content, the Canoneta is the perfect orange for a morning juice. It has a thin peel and it’s smallest than the Navel variety. It’s not necessarily the most beautiful orange, but its freshly squeezed juice makes up for all the outward appearances. Sweet, full-bodied and aromatic… the Canoneta orange from the valley of Sóller is simply a delight.

The harvest of this exceptional juicy orange has just begun. Canoneta’s can also be eaten from the jar as one of our few fruity-sweet orange marmalades.

Natural fruit

The citrus fruits from the Fet a Sóller online shop are natural, it means they don’t have wax or preservatives on the peel. Washed, the peel can then be used fresh or dried in salads, sauces or desserts.

Mixed citrus box: Oranges, lemons and grafefruit
Mixed citrus box: Oranges, lemons and grapefruits

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