An estimated 50,000 passengers affected. | Pere Bota

Some international flights at Palma Son Sant Joan Airport are expected to be affected by the knock-on impact of Sunday's storm until Wednesday.

This was the assessment at the airport on Monday, where it was estimated that over 300 flights and some 50,000 passengers had been affected. The consequences of the storm weren't of course the only factor where British travellers were concerned. The National Air Traffic Services outage on Monday caused further delays and cancellations.

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Customer service desks were overwhelmed, and the National Police were required to prevent incidents as passenger frustrations understandably grew.

On a very busy day for the airport, travel and tourism sources were referring to there having been a perfect storm - an unfortunate turn of phrase perhaps for travellers hit by a double whammy of an actual storm followed by the collapse of NATS.

Domestic flights have fared rather better. Air Europa said that its Spanish operations were more or less back to normal on Monday.