By Jason Moore WELL as we published on our front page yesterday there appears to be some good news on the residence permit front; both Balearic leader Francesc Antich and leader of the opposition and MEP candidate Rosa Estaras have promised to look into the issue. I know a lot of people who are furious over this state of affairs which means that you have to carry around two documents; your passport as identification and the green certificate to show you are a resident and this is your NIE number. A nightmare. Bring back the old system with a residence ID card which includes everything. It is an offence in Spain not to carry any identification so your passport, if you are a British citizen, is your only way forward. This week we have interviewed both Antich and Estaras and they have both said that their door is always open to the non-Spanish community. This is all good news and it is obviously a step in the right direction. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to resolve the residence permit situation. Antich said that he would be discussing it with the Spanish government and Estaras has said that she will be taking the issue up with the European Union. It other words it is a double sided attack and let us hope that it proves successful.