by Jason Moore

There is a growing chorus of calls in Britain for Chancellor George Osborne to be sacked. Prime Minister David Cameron stood by his man yesterday and kept him in place despite growing opposition. Now, Cameron has brought in former Chancellor Ken Clarke who will advise Osborne. It must be remembered that Clarke helped pull Britain out of the last major recession in the early 1990s. But Osborne is so unpopular for allegedly failing to bring Britain out of recession I suspect that sooner or later he will have to go. I was willing to give Osborne the benefit of the doubt; he faced a nightmare job trying to pull the country out of recession and at the same time cut funding. He has failed so far. Not even the Diamond Jubilee celebrations and the Olympic Games have helped move the economy out of the red. Cameron and Osborne do appear to have performed a U-turn. I suspect that the new runway at Heathrow will get the go ahead and other public infrastructure projects will also be given the green light. Cameron says that he wants to get Britain moving again and out of recession. Bold words. Interestingly enough the Mayor of London Boris Johnson called on the government to cut taxes and spend on infrastucture just after the Olympics. So far he appears to be going for the infrastucture plan so will lower taxes follow soon? One thing for sure the government must find a magic remedy soon or Osborne will have to go.