Majorca's image to holidaymakers worldwide is vitally important to the prosperity of all who live on this beautiful island. Also important are health and safety as provided by clean air and water, as well as safe roads.

Waste disposal is an enormous problem worldwide. Set up an incinerator anywhere and the world will beat a path to your door and you stand to make a fortune. But do we really want Majorca to be removing someone else's problem by taking in their waste?

A cost benefit analysis has certainly been done for the company operating Son Reus. But for whose benefit? There will be a small group, maybe not even residents, who will undoubtedly profit. But for the rest of us, the local Government is opening the door to forces that may be impossible to control.

Road maintenance is always a problem, but add a greatly increased number of large trucks on a daily basis and the problem becomes huge. Road safety will undoubtedly suffer by adding additional heavy traffic to an already unmanageable mix of vehicles, driven by all types of drivers.

Good air quality is not associated with incinerators, no matter how high the chimney stack. Land owners near Son Reus already know that. None of Majorca's residents need to have their quality of life degraded, just for the ultimate benefit of a private company, no matter what the PP Government claims.

Sincerely, Albert R. Cook