Dear Sir,

I READ with interest the comments made on a regular basis by the government and tourist information centres in Majorca as they highlight the problems that they expect to face in the coming season.

It is true that cheaper tourist destinations offer a much better deal to cash strapped holidaymakers. Also with the loss of a lot of flights from Britain it would seem that something has to be done to save 2010 from being even worse than last year. I would suggest that the answer is in the hands of themselves. They could charter fights and offer holidays directly to potential travellers.

We have been coming for many years to Majorca and have witnessed a deterioration of some resort standards as footpaths remain in poor repair and generally the standards of cleanliness has dropped. I would love to see Majorca thrive once again but it has to compete not only with price but also standards that tourists require.

I would like also to have explained to me why the cost of hiring cars has increased so much as I know by talking to other people that this too is stopping potential holidays being taken and other destinations considered.

Alicia Mac

Dear Sir, I AM a Majorcan who has lived in the UK for nearly 40 years and I can honestly say that I know how the majority of British people feel about Majorca.
Prices in Majorca compared to other countries are too expensive and have been for a number of years, therefore people are attracted elsewhere for their holidays. Brits complain about the quality of the food in Majorca.

When I mention Majorca to anyone I meet, the first thing they come up with is “Magalluf”, what Magalluf represents, its bad image with the lager louts etc.

Though we have heard it all before these are the key points why Majorca is not very popular amongst a lot of the Brits I know, I am 57 years old but even among the younger generation they feel Majorca is tacky.

I know that Majorca is a most beautiful island, I was born there and in a not too distant future I will return for good, is where my heart is. But Majorca needs to make Magalluf more upmarket, clean it up if you see what I mean and then advertise the fact, let it be known to all concerned. Majorca has so much to offer, such a small paradise, but with so much corruption, get rid of that too specially within the building industry, people are scared to buy in Spain & Majorca.

There are a couple of more issues but those mentioned above being the most important.

Yours sincerely
Antoni Font