Dear Editor THE money being handed out to banks and industry will do nothing for the economy because with so many unemployed people out there, just who are the banks supposed to lend to and also industry to sell to.

Homes and cars are the biggest purchases most families make and when unemployed most people are unable to take on more loans (even if they were available) just to pay for the things they already have and still manage to live and feed themselves and their families and keep their self respect.

I believe the starting point of this problem is to help the ordinary person in the street to regain their purchasing power and their self respect. There is nothing more demeaning than losing your job with nothing to look forward to in the future.

The only growth industry, if you can call it that, is supermarkets where the employees collect their salaries and then spend their hard earned money in the very place that paid them.

Yours sincerely

C J Crane, Palma