By Jason Moore

A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting the volunteers of all nationalities who have been lovingly restoring the military hospital on the Isla del Rey in the centre of Mahon harbour.

They are of all nationalities but have one common goal, bring the British built military hospital back to its former state. Their goal is almost complete and to celebrate the occasion a year-long series of events will be taking place which coincides with the hospital´s 300th anniversary.

Even the Red Arrows will be putting on a performance in May which is great news for Minorca and the whole of the Balearics because I know that a large number of people on Majorca were booking their tickets to Minorca yesterday so that they do not miss the big event. The volunteers are of all nationalities who are restoring a building which has been used by both the British, French, Americans and Spanish. Also I am glad to report that the authorities in Minorca have also realised that events of this scale and shape are also good for tourism. The people of Minorca should be congratulated. It is a clear indication what can be achieved if everyone works together for a common cause. Great community spirit and we on Majorca should take note.