By Jason Moore

WHY doesn´t the European Union introduce a single common driving licence for all member states? I am sure that it would make life much easier for European citizens. Also what about a European wide residence permit? While the European Union has made life easier for Europeans living in another member state things could be made much easier. There is still plenty of controversy regarding our “Green certificate” residence permit which in some ways discriminates European citizens. Why can´t non-Spanish European citizens have Spanish Identity Cards? Afterall, don´t we live in a European Union of countries in which all citizens are the same? Sadly this is not the case. In Spain there are documents for the Spanish (identity cards) and green certificates for non-Spaniards. My simple suggestion would be to merge the two together. The trouble with Europe is that despite all the talk you are still very much a foreigner when you move to another country eventhough it is a member of the European Union. The currency maybe the same but that is about it. Instead of talking about political union the EU should be trying to make our life easier. If the European Union wants to prosper then it should start concentrating on other issues, such as trade and making sure that you can move between EU member countries with relative ease and without the need for additional paperwork. Then perhaps it could have a future.