By Jason Moore

I sincerely hope that the Majorcan tourist industry read our interview with Harry Goodman yesterday who said that Majorca had priced itself out of the market. True words indeed, especially when sterling has lost 20 percent of its value against the euro. Harry Goodman, through his Intasun tour firm pioneered package tourism to Majorca in the 1980s.

His group was a victim of the recession of the early 1990s but no-one can doubt his long experience within the industry which continues today. He said that it was cheaper to stay in a five star hotel in London than in Majorca and that some of the prices being charged by restaurants were completely over the top especially when you take into account the present economic climate. Goodman´s verdict reflect what much of the British tourist industry is saying about Majorca at the moment and it is time to wake-up, once and for all and address the major problem the island faces at the moment; it is simply too expensive. Majorca is facing a great deal of competition from holiday destinations in the eastern Mediterranean and now is the time to act. Goodman says that it is time that the island woke-up to the present day realities. I don´t think that truer words have ever been said about the tourist industry.