IF Prince Harry goes to Iraq with his Regiment there is a good chance he will get killed, injured or kidnapped. That is the bottom line. But after all he is a soldier and unfortunately if he wants to follow a career in the military the three scenarios I have mentioned above are occupational hazards. He is obviously a high profile target and any militant in the Basra area is going to make him their number 1 target. He wants to go, his unit is going and he has joined the army. His other regimental colleagues don't have their option; they are just sent there. With British troops in Afghanistan and Iraq for at least the next five years Prince William, who serves in the same regiment can also be expected to be sent to a war zone. Prince Harry has said that if he isn't posted to Iraq then he will quit the army. Yes, I think that is the only option open to him. With the British army involved in two conflicts perhaps it would have been a better idea if two leading members of the Royal Family had followed the family tradition and joined the Navy or even the RAF. The British army is now almost in an impossible situation which could become a PR nightmare and effectively split the army. If he wants to go and wants to continue serving in the army then he should be allowed to do so and Britain should be prepared to accept the consequences of his action. If he doesn't go he should resign at once.